ESC tryout guidelines

UpdatedWednesday March 23, 2016 byJennifer DeMarrais.

Tryout Process

We hold open tryouts every Spring for the following seasonal year which runs from September-June. All players are required to commit for the full year which includes a fall & spring season (some teams also opt to participate in tournaments and winter indoor training). 

Attendance at tryouts is mandatory for all players.  All age groups will conduct 2-3 tryout sessions.  Tryouts are open to all children who attend or are eligible to attend schools in the Edgemont Union Free School District.  The club will attempt to have balanced teams in the u-8 and u-9 age groups.  U-10 and older teams will be based on skill level (A/B).

Tryouts will be run and administered by the UK Elite staff; parents are not permitted to watch tryouts.  UK Elite, Edgemont Soccer Club’s professional coaching partner, is solely responsible for player evaluation, tryout assessments, and team placement for each child.  Players will be evaluated on technical ability, knowledge of the game, effort and attitude.  For all returning players, the majority of their rating will be based on the prior year’s performance at clinics, team practices and games, with tryouts accounting for a much smaller amount of the evaluation.  The ratings are heavily weighted on the year’s performance as the UK Elite staff will have had the opportunity to witness approximately 20 games, 20 team practices, and 40 clinics.  New players to the club are encouraged to attend all tryout sessions as this is the only way of assessing their proper team placement.

The number of teams fielded and team size will vary by age group.  Factors contributing to this will include number of children trying out, skill level of players, # of players on the field at a time, etc.  The Club cannot guarantee that every player will be selected for a travel team.  If a player is not selected for a travel team, playing opportunities are offered through the Edgemont Recreation program which participates in the Town of Greenburgh Fall Soccer League.  No tryouts are required for that program.

WYSL requires that teams for the following year be announced only after the conclusion of the current year’s spring season.  Team selection is final upon the release of the rosters.  Based on the number of players that attend tryouts in each age group, there may not be a spot available for every player.  Upon the release of the rosters, everyone is given 48 hours to accept, pay and register for their team.

Any child that is interested in playing after the teams have been announced will be placed on the wait list.  The wait list is intended to be primarily for children who are new to the travel program and/or move to town after tryouts.  It is not an alternative to attending tryouts. 


Roster Size Guidelines


    Age              Match       ESC         WYSL                                                                                              Group          Format    Minimum  Maximum

    U-8                 6 v 6          8               10

  U-9 & U-10       8 v 8         10              14

  U-11 & U-12     9 v 9         11               16

  U-13 & older   11 v 11       14               22