WYSL Scorekeeper's Instructions

Updated Wednesday September 5, 2018 by Jennifer DeMarrais.



1.No matter if your team was home or away, always record a score for every team, every week – there should be no blanks unless the game did not play – in which case you would choose the proper designation from the pulldown menu (see below)If the opposing team gets there first, then they will input the score, but both clubs should make the attempt.  You are responsible to input ALL your club teams’ scores and before 9:30am Monday, or be fined!


2.If a game does not play for any reason, leave the score blank and choose appropriate designation from pull down menu (DO NOT PUT IN A “0-0” or a “1-1” SCORE because system thinks that is a tie and will be recorded as such, awarding a point to each team.)


3.Starting this spring every coach must indicate whether or not a referee was present.  If so, check the indicated box.  If not, don’t.




1.If a game did not play because the referee or the club pulled the field, select “FP” (field pull) from pull-down menu.


2.If a game did not play because of a league-approved reason but will get played in the future, select “PPD” (postponed) from pull-down menu.


3.If a game did not play and will not be made up (U9 and U10 makeup games do not have to be made up) select “GNP” (game not played) from the pull-down menu (Note: U9 and U10 regularly scheduled Sunday games must play, but if game does not play due to a field pull, for instance, then that makeup does not have to be played.)


4.If a team has a “Bye” (no game that week) do not put ANYTHING in the score box (it is not a GNP, it is not a 0-0 tie.)


5.If a team forfeits, the score is 1-0 (forfeiting team gets the “0”) and select “FOR” (forfeit) from the pull-down menu.


6.If a game does not play because of an away State Cup game, then select “SC” from the pull-down menu.


Lee/WYSL Registrar