Clinic and Practice Times for Spring of 2019

Updated Monday March 4, 2019 by Shannon Feldman.

The season is scheduled to begin the last week of March, with the first games on Sunday, March 31st.  As outdoor fields may not be ready in time for midweek clinics that week, we have scheduled time at House of Sports for the week of March 25th.  Please note, these training times may be different than what will be the regularly scheduled midweek clinic times.  We will be in touch with the schedule for that week.

Midweek Clinic Times: As mentioned, the following will be the regular midweek clinic times starting the week of April 1st. Clinics will be held at Webb Park on Central Avenue.  Days/times are as follows:

  • U8 (2011) - Tuesdays 4-5pm
  • U9 (2010) - Thursdays 4-5pm
  • U10 (2009) - Tuesdays 5-6pm & Thursdays 6-7pm
  • U11 (2008) - Tuesdays 6-7pm & Thursdays 5-6pm
  • U12 (2007) - Tuesdays 4-5pm

Saturday Practice Times: The first Saturday practice is scheduled to be held on March 30th.  Please make sure to look at this carefully as there are some new times and locations from the fall season.

Field 12:00 - 1:30 PM 1:30 - 3:00 PM 3:00 - 4:30 PM
Flicker Specters Real Panthers Hornets
Seely Front Fireballs Shooting Stars Dynamite
Seely Back (A) Warriors Jaguars Badgers
Seely Back (B) Attack Panthers Phantoms
HS - Lower (A) Rovers Cyclones Illuminati
HS - Lower (B) Blast Wild Cats Riders

Sunday Game Schedule: the league has not yet put together the season's game schedule.  This is typically done closer to the start of the season.  While we recognize that this can be frustrating, it is entirely out of our control.  Your coach will send you your team's schedule once it has been announced.

We are incredibly excited for another great season and look forward to seeing everyone on the field soon!

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