Fall 2022 Clinic and Practice Times

UpdatedTuesday October 4, 2022 byShannon Feldman.


Day 4-5PM 5-6PM  
Tuesday U8 (2015) All
U12 (2011) Girls
U10 (2013) All
U12 (2011) Boys
Thursday U9 (2014) All
U12 (2011) Girls
U11 (2012) All
U12 (2011) Boys

Midweek Clinics will be on Webb Field/Presser Park


Field 12 - 1:30PM 1:30-3PM 3-4:30PM 4:30-6PM
EHS - Upper1 Sabretooths Legend Eagles Thunder
EHS - Upper2 Cheetahs Lightning Rebels  
EHS - Lower1 Dragonflies Jaguars Falcons Blue Wave
EHS - Lower2 Dynamo United Storm Specters
Seely Front1   Xtreme Universe Rolling Thunder
Seely Front2   Panthers Shooting Stars